Saturday, September 02, 2006

Summer Update

Well, I did a few updates...see the links section. The biggest though is a link to my Photobucket site where I'm hosting pictures from the summer for the Camp Frenda Staff (see here staff). Slowly getting there...

-Barry out

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Site Priorities

Third entry, not too many changes. I've got the main page almost the way I want it for now. The main focus right now will be to fill in the links section (started) and add the tips and such I've learned in the tutorials. The will be in there for sure. I've found I'm spending more time in the GPC Groups, than on my own site, it think it's because you learn more there than getting frustrated trying to do it on your own. Until next time.

- Barry out

Monday, April 03, 2006

Under Construction

I know the site is in pieces, but when I get the time I'll add a few more things. My frustration so far is with the page creator itself. Getting around the HTML restrictions is a royal pain. So the plan is to make the index page the best I can within google, then use that as a template for the other pages. I'll download the index then put the goods I've been collecting in dreamweaver then reupload the whole ordeal. I'll definitely be adding my tips and tricks to the tutorials section next.

- Barry out

Saturday, March 25, 2006


Just to fill you in on the changes I'm doing...I've modified my google custom search so now you can search google from my site while keeping the colour scheme. I plan to add images next, as well as expand on the links. This is really just a test entry. I've made a blog for the main page ( and I'm using feedburner to transfer the site here in html format, since I believe, googlepages doesn't support it now.
Future plans are to add music videos and some of my photoshop work into the media section. In the links I will add my essentials for your computer and your entertainment. Evidently this will take some time so bare with me until then. If you you've spotted this website, and you've got some sweet ideas for it, uh... you know the trick for gmail accounts.

- Barry out